Volnovka Bunkering Service

Volnovka - provides supplies of marine fuel to vessels in most of sea and river ports of Russia and other parts of the world

One of the main competitive advantages of the company is the developed production infrastructure.

Volnovka pays special attention to interaction with strategic partners, actively developing cooperation with the world's leading shipping companies.

Volnovka Bunkering operates as an end-to-end solution provider for ships, oil trading, marine & agency services. We have a very strong global connect to support our customers.

Grades of Bunker fuel

. Bunker A - Gasoil range bunker fuel, typically called marine diesel or marine gasoil

. Bunker B - Low-viscosity vac resid range bunker fuel. Typically cut with some lighter material (VGO) to reduce viscosity to the point that it will flow without heating

. Bunker C - The most common form of bunker. Composed primarily of vac resid range material, with a high viscosity that requires heating in order to pump. Typically sold at several viscosity specifications: 180 centistoke, 380 centistoke, or 460 centistoke, with 380 being the most common grade. The viscosities are measured at 50C, the typical heated temperature of the fuel

In addition, the bunker fuel which can be used in the Sulfur Emissions Control Areas (SECAs) must have a maximum sulfur content of 0.1%, which requires either using Bunker A or a Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (ULSFO)

The main areas of business development of Volnovka Bunker:

  • development of a complex of fuel supply services in any port of Russia and the world
  • development of river bunkering services
  • optimization of own tanker fleet
  • improvement of production and logistics infrastructure
  • expansion of product range meeting international quality standards
  • introduction of high standards for managing key business processes
  • forming a highly professional and cohesive team of dynamic managers and qualified employees as the most valuable asset.

Volnovka Bunker constantly increases the efficiency of its business, actively introduces and uses advanced technologies and strictly observes Russian and international standards of environmental and industrial safety.

  • Volnovka Bunkering Services
  • Volnovka Bunkering Services
  • Volnovka Bunkering Services
  • Volnovka Bunkering Services
  • Volnovka Bunkering Services


To carry out bunker fuel trading for international cargo shipping, a Volnovka trading division was established in 2018

Volnovka in cooperation with RN-Bunker LLC supplies various types of marine fuel to the ports of the Black, Baltic and Arctic seas, to the Far East, to the Pacific and Atlantic basins. The coordinated actions of the professional team and the impeccable quality of the fuel ensure a high level of service for customers around the world.

Volnovka sells marine fuel, including with low-sulfur compounds, which meets the highest international standards and requirements of the MARPOL Convention.