Fraud Warning

Fraud Warning in Organization of JSC "VOLNOVKA"

VOLNOVKA hereby warns everyone against any deals with dishonest market players who are trying to sell petroleum products by sending out fake offers via the Internet or e-mail on behalf of VOLNOVKA or its affiliated companies.

Please note that the VOLNOVKA Group companies send their e-mails only from their corporate servers and never use public e-mail domains.

VOLNOVKA and its subsidiaries never establish contractual relationships, or give any product supply guarantees, via the Internet or e-mail.

We never require future contracts be registered with any ministries or governmental agencies of the Russian Federation because there is no such legal requirement in the Russian law.

There has been a growing number of fake Internet sites recently, posting job offers on behalf of the VOLNOVKA Group and asking job seekers to send paid SMS messages to some short numbers for details. We must warn you: never send any SMS messages to get information about employment opportunities at the VOLNOVKA Group, or you will lose your money to fraudsters.

VOLNOVKA reserves the right to take legal actions to stop fraudulent activities conducted by dishonest market players.

How to Recognize Typical Fraudulent Schemes. Recommendations.

VOLNOVKA warns you that there may be attempts to use its corporate name, or the names of its subsidiaries or employees for fraudulent purposes.

There are certain signs you should be looking for in order to protect your money and personal data from fraudsters:

  • You get an e-mail offering you to buy petroleum products from VOLNOVKA or its subsidiaries. There may be an attachment containing a draft contract or an ICPO form with a bank reference template. VOLNOVKA and its subsidiaries never send or initiate such offers, or provide product supply guarantees, via the Internet or e-mail, nor do we authorize any third parties to do so for us.
  • Terms of the proposed deal look significantly different from the market average: you are offered to buy a very big amount of petroleum products (sometimes even more than VOLNOVKA can actually produce) at a very attractive price.
  • You are requested to pay upfront, before the contract is signed, for some services related, for instance, to the issuance of documents (visas, invitations, permits, approvals, etc.) needed to have the contract legalized or activated by the Russian authorities (note: no such procedure is required by the Russian law), compensate for transportation tariffs, or arrange your delegation’s visit to Russia allegedly for a meeting at VOLNOVKA headquarters to sign the contract (Table Talk Meeting — ТТМ), and so on.
  • The fraudsters give you a private person’s bank account for the funds transfer.

There has been a growing number of fake Internet sites created especially for fraudulent purposes, which position themselves as information resources of the VOLNOVKA Group and/or use the content taken from the GPN’s official sites. In addition to that, some web sites have been found on the Internet whose names resemble the names of projects implemented by the VOLNOVKA Group companies but have nothing to do with such projects.