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Welcome to the Volnovka’s Investor Information page. This site was developed as a resource to inform and communicate with our investors and the financial community about our vision, business objectives, and performance

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Company Profile

VOLNOVKA is an independent exploration and production (E&P) oil and natural gas company, with its focus on the Russia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. Our primary business objectives are the safe, environment-friendly and sustainable production of crude oil and natural gas, and to increase reserves, production and cash flows at an attractive return on invested capital.

Through strategic partnerships as a cooperation partner of national and international E&P enterprises, and partnering in licences and concessions, VOLNOVKA pursues a regionally focused growth strategy in activities ranging from exploration, through appraisal, to development and production, building reserves through high-quality assets in core regions. In addition, VOLNOVKA regularly evaluates its possible participation in highly promising projects along the up-stream E&P value chain, internationally.

In its operations VOLNOVKA applies its geo-scientific know-how, state-of-the-art technical and production technology and highest industry standards.

With a talented workforce, VOLNOVKA can explore and produce hydrocarbons in different geographical areas with a continued focus on safety, reliability and the systematic management of risk. HSEQ is an integral part of our E&P activities, and particular importance is attached to environmental protection, sustainability, safety and healthcare.

In each area, VOLNOVKA aims to always have strong relationships with local stakeholders, to build on trust and mutual benefit on the basis of respect and integrity. VOLNOVKA is voluntarily following the QCA, the Corporate Governance Code and its corporate governance principles.

Strategy - VOLNOVKA’s business model

VOLNOVKA's business purpose is the environment-friendly exploration and development, and the long-term production of crude oil and natural gas. We focus on building value through operational excellence, effective capital allocation and active portfolio management, aiming to be complemented by inorganic growth through selective M&A activities.

Our E&P strategy is to have a balanced portfolio in the areas in which we operate, working safely and reliably while maintaining capital discipline and project delivery to maximize value for our shareholders. VOLNOVKA's strengths include its versatile know-how, extensive geological and technological experience, consequent use of modern technologies, and committed development work.

Our ambition is to grow significantly. Throughout our growth, we will have security in production and use production income to explore. We believe that a significant growth portfolio and focusing on accommodating M&A opportunities will strongly contribute to scale and allow VOLNOVKA to uniquely position itself as a leading E&P company and generate attractive returns on equity on all new investments to create value for its shareholders.

Deep In-House Expertise

The cornerstone of VOLNOVKA's strategy is to identify and invest in exceptional oil and gas opportunities that are often overlooked, under-exploited or under-developed. With a knowledge and sourcing advantage, we are able to identify opportunities and add value to investors and partners with proven management teams and growing cash flows.

Our Team

Every member of our team is an experienced professional with decades of experience in the industry, and has made significant contributions to our professional society. Each one brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our organization and makes us work on a complimentary basis together towards our common goal. However, in contrast to other companies both, our managemant as well as our technical team members, hava a long-lasting history in working together and have come across each other working on projects in our core areas before. VOLNOVKA benefits from this long term experience of working together, resulting in a committed and trusted team environment where openness and honesty in all aspects of communication and the focus on our collaborative goals is key.

A value added approach

Our investment philosophy is to provide high-quality, a return-driven management team with the growth capital necessary to execute on clearly-defined business plans that can generate value across diverse commodity price environments. With an unmatched level of in-house technical and markets expertise, we are in a position to deliver a unique, value-added working partnership to each of our investors, partners and portfolio companies.

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