Social Responsibility

VOLNOVKA provides a unique forum to share information and coordinate responses to social responsibility issues and challenges surrounding the oil and gas industry. This helps the oil and gas industry to operate responsibly and proactively contribute to society where it can, whilst engaging positively with communities and stakeholders.

VOLNOVKA members start from the principle that managing local impacts and maximizing the social and economic benefits of their presence are essential project elements. Pursuing these goals helps companies to manage their own risks as well as potential impacts on others.


tonnes of waste have been recycled at the Moscow Refinery over the last two years

We operates in some of the most challenging locations in the world and can face complex human-rights related issues. We have the responsibility to respect human rights.Thats why we take all the measures to avoid pollution.Reducing the level of harmful atmospheric emissions is a key focus of Volnovka’s environmental policy, with the company implementing an extensive range of environmental programmes across all areas of its operations.

Sustainable business

We strive to act as responsible market leaders and to encourage processes that foster positive, lasting change in Russian business.

We can contribute to the social and economic development of host communities by providing employment, purchasing goods and services locally, building partnerships with local entities, developing enabling infrastructure, improving local skills, building the capacity of local businesses and improving local technological capabilities.


Digital capabilities that can help a company better compete (e.g., seamless connectivity, production intelligence and remote support) also can help fortify its operations

Companies can face challenges producing and transporting oil and gas supplies safely and reliably in the countries in which they operate. Addressing such security issues proactively by developing and implementing operations that integrate responsible security helps ensure the safety and sustainability of the operating environment.

Cleaning and Funds

“The damage caused by plastics is a complex, global issue. We’re working with suppliers to come up with solutions to the plastic problem, and in the meantime, are doing all that we can to find innovative ways of reducing the impact of our own operations and investigating new ways of doing more.”

Timely engagement and management of impacts on communities is central to a company’s ability to build trust and confidence and to safeguard its licence to operate. We have a responsibility to respect Indigenous Peoples and protect their culture in areas where they operate.

Health Programs which helps to prevent dangerous substances into the environment

Many people in the oil and gas industry work in extreme climates and difficult environments where the health risks can range from disease to the presence of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Sports and Scholarships

We have implemented social and community investment programmes in areas where they operate, with the aim of establishing and maintaining good relationships with local, regional and national stakeholders, and to enhance the company’s social impact.