Volnovka Truck & Light Duty Oils

Volnovka Light Duty Range is designed for light duty trucks. With Dynamic Protection and Dynamic Protection Plus Technology*, it protects against engine wear and tear caused by each stop and start in your day. The high performance additive package contains anti-oxidation components for a longer oil life in vehicles operating under high idle engine conditions. Dispersants in the additive package help break down soot and deposit build-up regardless of the type of load carried.

  • Stop/Start
  • Variable Loads
  • High Idle Engine


As a light duty trucker, constant starting and stopping in traffic causes sludge to build in your engine, which means more wear on engine parts which are vital to your operation.

Volnovka Light Duty Range uses Dynamic Protection and Dynamic Protection Plus Technology*. The base oil combined with a high performance additive package breaks down sludge to help combat wear and protects your engine, reducing the risk of vehicle downtime so you can stay on the move.

*Dynamic Protection Plus Technology is included in Grade LD5 only.

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  • Low-Risk Exploration -We have developed a code of practice, known as the Principles and Criteria (P&C), which certifies that petroleum productions are managed in a sustainable way.

  • Fast-Track Development -for remote areas and to be developed markets, refining capacity expansion shall be in line with the development of external infrastructures, so transport logistics are still managerial, due to oversized equipment dimensions.

  • Attractive return on invested capital In the face of market conditions, we find a balance between production growth and increased productivity to reduce costs, in order to ensure sustainable attractive returns.